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All our Live Plants are Tortoise Friendly 

A variety of substrates are used to grow our live plants, the most common being coco coir, an organic, sustainable product, which is completely safe for use around all herbivores. There is no need to repot into topsoil, insertion straight into your indoor/outdoor enclosure is perfectly safe. Occasionally small white particles maybe found in the soil, this is horticultural grit used to aid drainage. At no time are any pesticides used so on occasion, there may be bugs hatch out, although unwanted, not harmful in any way.  All plants are perfectly safe to be ingested by your herbivore, however, a varied diet with the growing or collection of weeds is preferential during the appropriate season.  All plants listed on the website are confirmed as safe to feed or feed in moderation. We do not offer any "no feed" plants on this site.

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